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How to use storytelling in engaging and translating research

It takes an average of 17 years to convert clinical research into better health outcomes

Research shows that,  using storytelling in engaging and translating research  garners stakeholder engagement and improves communication. In this complimentary webinar, Dr. Chris Elliot, General and Developmental Paediatrician at Southern Paediatrics will present a front-line clinician’s perspective on engaging in research within a busy clinical role, and the role and impact of storytelling.

A Clinician’s Perspective: Collaboration in Research and its Impact 24 November 2020 | 11AM SGT

*NOTE: Only registered participants will be able to view the webinar.

Key Highlights:

1. Learn how to create research that matters

2. Help researchers better understand and engage with front-line practitioners in research projects

3. Demonstrate an approach to storytelling in research and the impact it has on generating momentum

4. Live Q&A Session & Certificate for Participation

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