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To study and understand a subject you will need a lot of resources. And even though a lot of free resources are available on the internet, finding them all is a very time consuming and hard task. Therefore we have collected many resources form different online and offline sources, categorized them and made them available to you.


Now Even though some of these resources are available for free, we had to spend a lot of time in collecting and making it available to you. So use them well.

Also, keep in mind that some of these resources are made available by the members, please be appreciative of there efforts. And contribute any resource that you may have by emailing it to us ( 


Previous Year Question Papers, Answer Keys, Study Material and much more downloadable study materials that will help you study.


Collection of free vidoes form internet that will help you study, have a better understanding of chemistry, and have a little fun with the subject.


Study materials and imaginations are not enough to understand some concepts. Use these simulations to experiment and understand the subject.

Games & Puzzles

Learning the basic concepts may need repetitive usage thereby making it boring. Let's make this fun by playing some games to learn.

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